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Moriset & Co and Impulse Green Mobility are proud to announce the launch of the IMPULSE MOBILITY CHECKER

Brussels, February 4th, 2020.

Moriset & Co and Impulse Green Mobility are proud to announce the launch of the IMPULSE MOBILITY CHECKER, based on B-CEPHAL, a unique tool allowing the definition and allocation of the best mobility packages to the employees of a company, based on their job function profile, as well as their travel habits between their home and their work.

The solution contains a complete directory of all possible mobility offering and allowing the definition of a personalised package for your company.

Additionally, it allows a permanent monitoring of the mobility packages usage, as well as a forecasting module to evaluate the costs of different types of packages. Optional functionalities of the IMPULSE MOBILITY CHECKER solution offer the possibility to perform cost forecasting of the mobility packages you intend to set, comparison between packages (including current approach) and monitoring and forecasting of the CO2 impact of the used mobility solutions.

Each project based on the solution will always include an analysis phase, an implementation phase, a testing phase, and a production monitoring phase. The solution can be proposed in SAAS mode, or in onsite mode, with or without integration.

As of March 1st, 2020, we will start the first projects in pilot mode. If you are interested in being part of this phase, please contact us via mail ( before February 17th. We will send you a proposal with preferred conditions for the pilot phase.

About Impulse Green Mobility

Impulse Green Mobility (part of Impulse Solutions SPRL) started its activities in September 2018 by
proposing solutions (electric scooters) and services (Corporate mobility packages definition, mobility
cards analysis, …) on the Belgian market. The company is now mainly focusing on the development of
the new “Impulse Mobility Checker” solution.
The brand ‘IMPULSE MOBILITY CHECKER’ belongs to Impulse Green Mobility.
Contact: Arnaud Sirtaine – Mail: – Phone: +32 476 29 43 27

About Moriset & Co

Moriset & Co is a software company founded in 2006 by former consultants in strategy, operation and
finance and civil engineers in informatics. Moriset is developing and distributing B-Cephal, a transversal
business analytics platform allowing, amongst other things, data reconciliation, budget forecasting,
cost analysis, and profitability analysis.
The brand ‘B-CEPHAL’ belongs to Moriset.
Contact: Geoffroy Dupuis – Mail: – Phone : +32 2 772 5 277