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Kluber Lubrication Benelux has chosen B-CEPHAL for their capacity planning management

JUNE 2017 – Klüber Lubrication Benelux (KLB), a major player in the oil & lubricant production industry, has now deployed B-CEPHAL, an advanced planning software solution, for their production planning capacity needs and advance planning, up to 24 months ahead.

With B-CEPHAL, the KLB team is collecting in one unique repository all their planning data, for a robust and automated capacity planning (which covers sale forecasts, machine availability, resourcing, production stock levels, production line parameters, such as production lead time and other essential planning inputs,…). 
With this innovative solution, KLB is in position to anticipate potential capacity issues within a horizon of 24 months. This enables operations to manage better capacity, performance output and production efficiency.